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Learning Management System (LMS)

We're the only licensed reseller in Ghana of the industry leading Knowledge Presenter (KP) LMS. Our Knowledge Presenter LMS is an out of the- box solution which allows HR to track education, qualifications and skills of the employees, whilst outlining what training courses, books, CDs, web based learning or materials are available to develop which skills. Courses can then be offered in date specific sessions, with employees and training courses being mapped and managed within the LMS. SkillsPlus KP LMS allows managers to approve training, budgets and calendars alongside performance management and appraisal metrics.

SkillsPlus can work with you to create and design content and develop learning curriculums. We use the expertise of our instructional designers to build instructionally sound content.

SkillsPlus LMS solutions are designed to be agile, scalable and capable to meet differing business requirements.

Key Features


  • Online Testing
  • Document Management
  • Content Management
  • Learning Management
  • Reporting
  • Mobile Delivery
  • Surveys and Feedback
  • Live Chat
  • Offers different learning modalities for different Learner types