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Advisory Services




HR Advisory

SkillsPlus offers a broad range of HR consulting services for that one-time project or on a continual basis. We can provide solutions for any of the categories listed below, or we can customize a solution to fit your specific HR needs.

  • Ensuring HR legal compliance without the need for lawyers including drafting contracts, handbooks and manuals
  • Recruiting key individuals at senior and middle management level without huge fees
  • Designing appraisal and performance management processes and ensuring best-practice in maintaining them
  • Transforming, restructuring, down-sizing and right-sizing
  • Coaching poor performers on a one-to-one basis as well as re-designing jobs for increased efficiency
  • Structuring and applying HR systems to increase efficiency and reduce unwanted bureaucracy
  • Fighting day-to-day fires and presenting you with solutions on employee relations
  • Improving top-level team work through psychometric profiling and training and development workshops


Sales Advisory

Sales is changing, and many businesses are having to change their approach to selling as their customers and clients become more sophisticated and informed.

As consultants we find ourselves in a unique position and have an opportunity to look at your business from an outside and independent perspective. We’re able to identify problems in a short time because of this, and can offer immediate interventions and implement solutions.

We help companies restructure and redefine their sales strategies and establish KPI’s and create rewards programs. Take the first step towards sales improvement by giving us a call.

In order to increase Sales it’s essential to train your people on Sales and your product/ services portfolio. A holistic approach that augments sales skills with strategy, proven methodologies and the right incentives is essential to your organizations success. 


Sales Strategy

SkillsPlus work closely with your organizations stakeholders or strategy creation teams to deploy a successful strategy from design to execution. We help create a strategy that the people in your organization believe in and will lead to successful results.

We will work with you to:

o   Paint a picture for your employees that will be universally understood

o   Make it safe to have the conversations that are challenging to engage in even at the highest levels of the organization

o   Create clear shared meaning about the future you want to build


Sales Enablement

Training focuses on equipping salespeople and managers with specific knowledge or skills. Sales enablement on the other hand is strategic and is an ongoing discipline designed to close gaps in performance over a period of time. Think of changing the conversion rate of opportunities from 25% to 30%. That small improvement can massively change your monthly growth rates, Sales enablement drives that improvement.

SkillsPlus will work with your sales and learning leaders to tackle the following elements of sales enablement:


  • Creating a definition of excellence in critical sales roles
  • Providing approaches that help leaders recruit, hire, and on board new people that meet defined standards of excellence
  • Helping leaders develop current employees who need to perform to the future-state definition of excellence in their role
  • Creating, managing, and refining a reinforcement strategy to prevent lapses into old behaviours
  • Supporting and coaching leaders who need to communicate what is expected of support teams who play a key role in helping employees think, act, and manage differently