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Human Resources Management Systems

In today’s technology and efficiency driven world there are few successful companies in any industry that do not have some level of automation in place for HR tasks. The automation of repetitive and time consuming tasks associated with human resources management frees up some of the companies most valuable employees and allows the focus to shift to strategic planning and governance.

SkillsPlus offers a range of stand-alone Human Resources Management System for all or part of any companies HR automation needs. Our complete HRMS systems include:

  •  Managing Payroll - Automated Payroll System
  • Recruitment and on boarding - Online Recruitment and Talent Management System
  • Gathering, storing, and accessing employee information - Digital Employee files
  • Keeping attendance records and tracking absenteeism - Clocking in machine and Automated Attendance monitoring
  • Performance Evaluation - Computerized Performance Appraisals
  • Benefits Administration - Pension, healthcare, insurance, compensation
  • Learning Management - Learning Management Systems
  • Employee self-service - Electronic HR forms 
  • Employee Scheduling - Automated rota's and schedules
  • Analytics and informed decision making